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Even though we’re still in mid-November, I think we can all agree on fast-forwarding to the holiday season this year. Of course, 2020’s festivities are bound to look a bit different in many ways. Nevertheless, shopping will surely still play a big role in the next several weeks.

With that in mind, I figured I’d highlight some of my top holiday shopping tips — including some tailored to our current predicament. Here are a few money, time, and stress-saving suggestions for completing your 2020 shopping list.

Save Money, Time and Stress With These 5 Holiday Shopping Tips

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Shop local when possible

First things first, given everything that’s happened this year, it would be tremendous if you could support your local small businesses this holiday season. Thankfully, this may be getting easier to do as many businesses have upped their e-commerce game during the pandemic. As a result, you may even be able to shop from small businesses that aren’t in your area. For example, with my wife and I living in Missouri and her brother living in Oregon, we figured we’d purchase coffee from a small shop in Akron, Ohio we visited together and just have them ship the order directly to him. …


Kyle Burbank

Kyle is author of “The E-Ticket Life” and “Write, Print, Publish, Promote” as well as a regular contributor to Dyer News, Moneyat30, and The Laughing Place.

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